GIS Software and Solutions

NGOs, Local Governments, Private Businesses and Government Institutions require GIS to gain spatial understanding of the various services they perform. For example, An Agricultural Organisation can use GIS combined with satellite technology to map location of individual tree or farmlands and monitor the growth, health and yield of the crops. Similarly, utility companies benefirt from GIS technology to provide location of various installations, pipelines, road networks etc with high level of accuracy.

VGPS provides the required expertise and technology to build accurate and complete geospatial data solution that supports the multiple uses and daily operations within your enterprise. We design, build, and implement a robust GIS Solutions that meet you requirements. The following are areas where GIS can be used in your enterprise:

  • GIS Design
  • GIS Data Creation and Maintenance
  • GIS Solution Implementation
  • GIS Parcel Services
  • GIS for Municipalities
  • GIS Training Services
  • Web Mapping